About Me

What makes me so passionate about health, it was my journey of health and education that changed my life for ever!  

I was scared for about 1 min flat, a fresh air came in the room and something just kicked in and I called it SELF MOTIVATION as GOD has more work for me to do in this world.

Little did they know, that with strong belief, motivation and faith being the forefront, I knew it was not my time to go. I FELT IT IN MY SOUL. The chapter began as I met my current husband during this time and a new life started, with a life of natural living and gifts from the earth as we say all the time. 

We own a farm, so we started to grow and raise our own food!  Living a chemical / toxin free lifestyle was key to my health lifestyle change as we do not use chemicals or growth stimulators in our food as well.

I have heard the dreaded word (cancer) multiple times now over the years, but each time I chose to trust God along with the food and supplements we have at our disposal and share with our lients daily. We know that our body is designed to heal it self, we just need to give it the right tools.  With many years of education and healing my self it goes without saying, anything is possible when you put your mind , body and soul to work.

Another life changing and foundation to our daily routine in our house was a product that was not even on my radar through all the years of training and being he #1 antioxidant and detoxifier in our body, I was pretty excited to research it.  This product that has rejuvenated my youth, and it very noticeable with my hair, my skin and even to each cell in my body is no other than Nano Glutathione.

In 2021, I fulfilled a long-term dream, returned to the classroom and received a certificate in Live and Dry Blood Cell Analysis.  Blood Microscopist.  This has changed my world.  As I can now see what Is happening at cellular level with the foods, supplements, and water we intake.  Our cells tell us everything we need to know about our health.  I am super excited to share that seeing clients daily and showing them there own blood LIVE on a big HD monitor and going through all the things it brings a new meaning to a medical visit really, we can look at your blood together and develop and individualized plan that works for you! 

How often do you get to see your own blood on screen, and be able to ask questions throughout the entire process. I love this part of my life, as seeing people start to feel better quickly and come in with big smiles in our follow-up meetings is heart filling.  

Lets have a discovery call. I would love to hear your health journey.